Acknowledged for its iconic models and its unique mechanical movements, the Manufacture Vulcain holds a distinctive place in the world of fine watchmaking thanks to its iconic models and unique mechanical movements. The company, which has been active since 1858 in the production of exceptional timepieces, is now established in a mansion in Le Locle, cradle of Swiss watchmaking.



The hammer strikes the pin emitting the sound of the cricket. The exterior case-back acts as a resonance chamber and amplifies the sound.


The Cricket calibre is also related to another axclusive development by the Manufacture Vulcain, an innovation patented in 1946 as the Exactomatic. The purpose of the Exactomatic principle is to equalise the friction on the balance-wheel axis in all positions by modifying the Incabloc endstones. This provides a more regular amplitude. So the Exactomatic principle provides greater accuracy a better regularity in the operation of the watch while it is being worm. This sparked even greater interest by connoisseurs in all of Vulcain’s calibres.


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